Knock Knock


Sesto Labs Data & Product Innovation

New York, NY

Building a Mobile App to Inspire Social Connectivity

The Project 

Building a mobile app, from beginning ideation, to functioning prototype, to re-inspire the idea of socialization post-Covid19. 


November 2021​ — February 2022

My Role 

UX Researcher

Solo UI Designer

Brand Designer



Figma, Adobe Illustrator

Draftbit, Jira, Miro




Re-establishing a social culture.

Emerging from the isolation of the COVID 19 pandemic, our survey findings suggest that people are, in fact, ready to join together once more; to again be side-by-side in connectivity and kinship. 

Motivations & Pain-points


  • ways to set gatherings & let people know when/where you’re looking to socialize

  • have convenience and customization in planning your events

  • keep track of your social history 

  • introduce gamification into event planning communications

  • prioritize a user's location safety and privacy settings

Balancing Entertainment and Functionality

Starting out as a way to gamify the traditional mobile check-in functionality, Knock Knock began

to evolve into much more.


Some of Knock Knock's goals include:



Analyzing the Research Findings

Overall survey findings identified that most people socialize or desire to socialize in small group environments. Findings suggested that:

Research Points to Small Inter-Circle Hangouts


Entertainment is wanted, Security is key

Affinity Mapping Insights

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.46_edited.p
Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.46_edited.p

Building the Sitemap

A Social Doorbell? Ding, ding, ding.

Knock Knock works to make the community better connected by informing the  where  and  when 
an inner-circle gathering is taking place.


Understanding Social Behavior

Beginning with a User Survey

When considering how we might re-inspire a social lifestyle in the midst of pivotal times, our first step was to send out a mass user survey, which explored how people approach socialization, both pre and post COVID19.

Formulating the Motivating Questions

How might we innovate & re-establish socialization?

Receiving over 40 participants' entries, mostly from people between the ages of 20-30, the challenge became designing a mobile app that would answer these questions:

        How might we re-establish a collective culture in a new and exciting way?

        How can we innovate social planning?

        How might we promote smarter social behavior?

        How might we re-invigorate socialization for the youth generation emerging from COVID19?


Uncovering Motivations & Pain points

Making Sense of it All

Piecing it Together

Translating Research into Design


 Sketching & Paper Wireframing 


Modernizing the 'knocking' aspect.

Whether you're trying to meet up at a friend's or let someone in, stop having

to rely on outdated methods like a buzzer or a missed call to let each other in!

With one customizable click, know when someone's there in a more gamified

and personal way!




Know who is at your door, Always.

Get real-time notifications when someone is at your place,

whether you're there or not. Memorialize and follow up if you want,

but most importantly, have peace of mind knowing whom you let in. 






Share when you arrive, share when you go.

Keep track of hangout behaviors– whether it be a bigger party or a small hangout.

View, share, and archive your social events!


Testing the Initial Ideas

Usability Testing the Lo-fidelity Mockups

Evolving upon the early wireframe sketches, a foundational set of digital wireframes were created. Once complete, we conducted a usability study to test navigation and functionality and to receive input on the user's overall experience. 

"Even though I close my door at the end of the night, I'd still like to be able to see the information afterward— like who attended, their info, etc." - Jamie, 32

Insight: Users may create multiple doors, and have access to them even once they have been closed.

"I like to have friends over every Friday night before going out. Is there a way to re-open my door?" - Taji, 26

Insight: Users may save previously-visited doors in the event that a friend re-opens it, or set a door to have re-occurring instances.

4/5 participants like the idea of having "fun" & "interactive" gamification 

Insight: Potential for customizing the communication process with unique notifications & alerts when someone is arriving at a door.

   Flow 01

My Door Profile

A door is a branched connection to the user's profile.  Upon creating a door, users will have access to location, an interaction feed, history, and friends.


    Flow 02

Creating a Door

Once created, the user will have the ability to personalize and customize it. Also present are subsections of an archive, history, and analytics.

78% of users have concerns about sharing their location

Insight: Doors will also have to have customizable privacy settings. 

    Flow 03

Find a Friend's Door

Add your friends, share your doors, and get notified when a friend opens up a new door. 

    Flow 04

Notified when there's a Knock 

Innovating and gamifying the interaction process of knocking on a friend's door.

The Hi-fi Mockups

Introducing the look & feel while considering usability and user engagement.





Applying the Findings to the Evolving Design


Utilizing my Graphic Design Background

Creating the Custom Branding & Design System

My Logotype Mockups

My final design resulted from a series of iterations with the goal of
providing users with an identifiable visual metaphor


Applying the Design System Components

Hi-fidelity Designs 


The User Experience

 View the Prototype

Intended Beta Launch Features

  • Be notified when friends want to hangout

  • Know if you’ve missed a knock

  • Share when you’re at an event

  • Customizable Privacy Settings

  • Helpful Social Analytics

  • Personalized "knocks" with custom noises, images, videos

  • Fun & Entertaining visuals

  • Vibrant yet modern design

  • Integrations with other social apps (FB, Instagram, Twitter)

  • Ways to view and interact with event attendees 

  • Storage of social events & access to archives

Internship Project
Outcomes & Learnings


Lead UX/UI Product Designer

Spearheaded development from beginning sketches & ideation to advanced wireframes and prototypes to developer hand-off

• User Research & Testing

• Ideation and Journey Mapping

• Lo-fi to Hi-fi Evolution

• Communication with Developers & various Team-members

Solo UI Designer

Designed the entirety of the Visual Identity​
& Design System

• Logotype, Branding & Style Guide

• Iconography and Developmental Assets

With this project, I was able to experience a start-up environment, wearing many hats and collaborating with a small team consisting of 2 Stakeholders, 2 UX Researchers, and 1 Developer.


I received the opportunity to play leading roles in the building of a Mobile App from scratch; End-to-end.


Though my internship ended before this project went into launch stages, I worked closely with the CEO to ideate, build and scale this mobile app whilst focusing on honing the project scope and evolving upon a rough beginning proposal, lending my unique design skills as well as my analytical & creative problem-solving approaches. 



As this unpaid internship concluded, I received this message testimonial
from a company executive— which speaks to my work efforts and ethics. 

Phew! You made it!
Let's take it from the top!