Evolving the Design of a Mobile App



In 2019, Forbes had estimated that 50% of the American workforce would be working remotely by the end of 2021. Little did we know the COVID-19 pandemic would only accelerate this to an extreme. So while remote workers have gotten comfortable in their off-site environments, much of the on-site recognition systems have been lost. 

How might we establish virtual reward & recognition systems and bridge the gap between distanced spaces and the interpersonal social culture from our offices of the past? 



"Rewards form good habits."

Through extensive agile practice in ideation, discovery, modification, and continual solution improvement, my team developed Props— a mobile platform for peer recognition. A place to make any group, team, or squad feel appreciated and celebrated so that they may feel empowered and motivated to face any obstacle.

Props allows teams of Employees & Managers, Parents & Children or Teachers & Students ways to reinforce positive actions within their groups by choosing strategic awards and giving props in ways for their peers to emulate. And with engaging and easy-to-understand features, members of any team can interact effectively and positively with one another.


Lead UI Designer

Facilitated entire app design. 

Spearheaded development from beginning ideation to advanced Beta launch.

- Evolved entire User Flows Sequence

- Facilitated Proactive User/Usability Testing & Evolving 
   Design Implementations

Visual & Interaction Designer

Built out Wireframes & Prototypes; Lo-fi to Hi-fi Evolution

Created Visual Elements: Iconography, Illustrations & Color Implementations

Marketing Specialist

Organized Marketing presentations & reports

Led all Social Media Engagement Actions

Collaborated on Business plans— Created Subscription Tiers, Pricing & Premium Upgrade Options


2 Stakeholders, 3 Product Designers, 3 Developers


November 2021 - February 2022


End-to-end, Lo-fi stages to launch.

I worked directly with the CEO and project manager to build and scale this mobile app


Specialized in leading the design team, refining a visual identity, improving user experience, and building out a complete user journey.  


Figma • Illustrator • Jira • Draftbit 

Wix • Microsoft Excel • Social Media Outlets


From conducting secondary research, we concluded that the psychology behind feeling valued is more integral than we think, especially when we’re socially distancing ourselves.

"Lack of recognition remains one of the most common reasons why
employees leave an organization."
*Gallup study


"88% of employees agree that it’s important that employers reward
employees for great work."
*Attacoin survey

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On the product side, I worked directly with the CEO and project manager to build and scale this mobile app from a small set of rough screen designs and an unconcentrated user flow. Specializing in leading the design team, refining a visual identity, and improving user experience I was able to and build out a complete user journey with more than 60 screens and 20+ unique user flows.

On the marketing team, my strategic efforts captured an audience on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter, and increased customer engagement to the Props social accounts by 60%.