Disney Plus: Filters


Re-imagining the Movie Selection Process
with Custom Toggles

The Project 

Re-designing the current movie selection flow in the Disney Plus app.


3 Weeks

June 2022

My Role 

UX/UI Designer & Researcher

Motion Artist


Re-designing Disney Plus's process of filtering movies & shows.


Providing users with a more efficient way of filtering so that they may receive results that are better set to their unique preferences.


Research: Surveying a Pool of Disney Plus Users

For this re-design challenge, I studied how users currently go about selecting movies & shows to watch on the Disney Plus mobile app. ​To better understand this, I conducted an unmoderated usability survey where the user's interact with the app's pre-existing flow for filtering selections.

The Findings

I sent an unmoderated survey to 8 participants, tasking them to use Disney Plus' current way of filtering movies & shows.

The survey findings concluded that:

Preliminary User Feedback

6 out of 8

had trouble "finding shows or movies that interested them right away"


said they would like "better filter options"


was the average time a user spent finding a show/movie they wanted to watch

4.6 out of 10

the calculated average satisfactory rate with the current filtering/selection process

Disney Plus' Current Flow





I wish I could multi-select a bunch of
these options.





I actually have never used the filter feature
I usually just use the search bar to directly find what I want. 


The (Re)Design Solution


To improve upon the selection process, I came up with introducing filter toggles, so that a user may, more easily and efficiently, multi-select the content that is of unique interest to them.


Sketches & Wireframes


Creating an Interactible Element

Using Figma, I designed & prototyped this custom toggle component.

Hi-fidelity Prototype

The application of this custom toggle reinforces the fun and spirit of the Disney brand, even in
a mobile setting. 

Untitled_Artwork 43.png



View a unique filtered selection
of movies & shows

Untitled_Artwork 43.png



Finding 'what to watch' becomes 
more efficient and tailored to you 

Untitled_Artwork 43.png

Multi-select as many
categories that interest you



This custom Disney-themed Toggle provides both entertainment and efficiency factors

Re-Design Highlights

MVP= Filtering the Movie/Show Selection

  • Select Multiple Categories

  • Save Set Filters

  • User Curated Selection

  • Improved Results based on Unique Interest 

  • User Customization & Personalization

  • Faster & More Efficient Search Ability 

  • Entertaining On-brand Toggle

My Skills at Play

UX/UI Product Design 

Adhering to Design Thinking Processes

Identifying User Problems

Conducting UX Research and Applying Testing Insights
Providing Creative Iterative Design Solutions

Evolving Lof-fi to Hi-fi Wireframing & Prototyping

Motion Graphics

Building a Custom Toggle Button

Applying skills learned from Animation classes

Learning new Figma Prototyping Elements


Final Product Usability Test

Conducting an unmoderated Usability study with 12 participants to test the newly designed flow,
results concluded that: 

Outcomes and Learnings

With this project, I was able to understand and dissect a current problematic user flow in the mobile application of Disney Plus and evolve upon it — turning negative user insights into positive design solutions.


I introduced personalization by contributing a new on-brand interactive element of 'fun' and 'entertainment' while maintaining user efficiency and improving upon an existing experience.


As I continue developing my product design skills, this project allowed me to showcase my evolving design thinking process skills while utilizing my unique strengths in a variety of visual art mediums.

11 out of 12

were 'satisfied' with the new process of filtering


agreed they would use this new feature again


new average time spent finding a movie
of interest to them

out of 10

new average 
satisfactory rate 
with the updated process


Phew! You made it!
Let's take it from the top!

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